2008 Nootka Island

I spent a leisurely 18 days paddling from Nootka Sound to Barkley Sound.

Launching at Tuta Marina, I spent the first night at Burdwood Bay and the second at Escalante South.
sunset at Escalante

After staying 3 nights at Escalante waiting out a gale warning, I rounded Estevan Pt in flat water.

The water was so calm I was able to paddle in close to the lighthouse.
Estevan Pt lighthouse

This beady-eyed crab at Hesquiat Harbour didn't like me trying to get closer and burrowed deeper shortly after this picture was taken.
beady eyed crab

The foghorn went off at Sharp Pt at 5 am, so 3 of us took advantage of the unexpected alarm clock by scooting over to the hot springs. We were there before 6 am and before the hordes.

This charming oceanside cabin is on a delightful beach. Close to hiking and a world class aquatic recreational facility. Needs some maintainance. Perfect for the recent retiree.
forlorn cabin

I spent 4 days & 3 nights at Ahous Bay. The second day I made a chip run to Tofino. Tofino Sea Kayaking looks like a well run operation.
sunset from Ahous Bay

The second evening, I saw a good looking wolf who was cutting across the corner of the beach and pointedly ignored me.

The next morning, this lean wolf circled camp close enough for me to get this fuzzy picture.
skinny wolf

That day was occupied by an exploration of the salt water estuary and some surfing.

That evening was marred by 7 drunks who came in on foot and partied till 1 am. Despite the lack of sleep, I was up early and made an empty boat circumnavigation of Vargas Is, during which I got to exchange greetings with John Dowd's dog. I was back in camp before the drunks woke up. I packed up and moved to Blunden Island.

The next day I moved to Medallion beach, in position for the paddle past Long Beach. While there, I saw a bald eagle drop down through the fog and surprise a gull.
eagle & seagull

Up early, I paddled past Lennard Island in high fog & bouncy seas = blurred pictures. At Quistis Pt, I took a break in a small cove where this black bear was looking for brunch.
bear at Quistis Pt

I camped (with permission) at Wya Pt., where I got this picture.

I had good conditions for the paddle to Amphitrite Point. I paddled in and took a break on Francis Island.
Amphitrite Pt lighthouse

A Tofino man was arrested in the process of setting the Ganges on fire after it was run aground.
boat aground

I continued on to Benson Island, where I snapped this sunset.
sunset from Benson Is

The next day, I reluctantly paddled over to Salmon Beach, where my truck was parked.