This kayak / weather website is maintained by Al Dunham from Campbell River, Vancouver Island.

My main interests are Kayaking and Hiking:
• Greenland Rolling
• Seymour Narrows
• Surge Narrows
• Vancouver Island trips
• Vancouver Island weather
• Hiking the Peaks of Vancouver Island
• Moderate Rock Climbing
• Rappel Knots

Infinity Bend PivotalX Bend Longhorn Bend
Helix3 Bend Spoon8 Bend
If you are interested in rappel knots, this study looks at the Infinity Bend, the PivotalX Bend, the Helix3 Bend, and more: A Look at Rappel Knots

Some kayak trip reports:
Brooks 2016
Georgia Strait 2013
Johnstone Strait 2012
Brooks 2011
Maurelle Island 2010
Quadra Island 2010
Read Island 2010
Sayward to Campbell River 2010
Marina Island 2010
Nootka Island 2009
Nootka Island 2008

Tide & Current plot for south Discovery Passage

Orca in Seymour Narrows Apr 5 2015, photo by Jos Krynen of Eagle Eye Adventures

"Downhill Both Ways" is the title of my article on Seymour Narrows in the Spring 2015 Coast & Kayak Magazine

"Surge Narrows Info" -- Almost everything you need to know about Surge Narrows Surfing

"Kayaking Discovery Passage & Seymour Narrows" -- Almost everything you need to know about Kayaking Discovery Passage and Seymour Narrows

The latest Surge Narrows Surfing video:

A 99% capsize:

Some Greenland Rolling videos:

my Vimeo channel
my Youtube channel

I placed first in the 2011 Kayak Academy Greenland Week Rolling Competition

View of Seymour Narrows showing trips to Oct 2018:
Gps Tracks

View of Vancouver Island showing 7 trip circumnavigation:
Around V.I.

Luna the Orca gently nudges my kayak in 2006, photo by Mike Parfit