This kayak / weather website is maintained by Al Dunham from Campbell River, Vancouver Island.

My main interests are:

  • Greenland Rolling
  • Seymour Narrows
  • Surge Narrows
  • Vancouver Island trips
  • Vancouver Island weather

    Around the Brooks trip report 2016

    Orca in Seymour Narrows Apr 5 2015, photo by Jos Krynen of Eagle Eye Adventures

    "Downhill Both Ways" is the title of my article on Seymour Narrows in the Spring 2015 Coast & Kayak Magazine

    "Surge Narrows Info" -- Almost everything you need to know about Surge Narrows Surfing

    "Kayaking Discovery Passage & Seymour Narrows" -- Almost everything you need to know about Kayaking Discovery Passage and Seymour Narrows

    The latest Surge Narrows Surfing video:

    Some Greenland Rolling videos:

    my Vimeo channel
    my Youtube channel

    I placed first in the 2011 Kayak Academy Greenland Week Rolling Competition

    View of Seymour Narrows showing trips to Oct 2018:
    Gps Tracks

    View of Vancouver Island showing 7 trip circumnavigation:
    Around V.I.

    Luna the Orca gently nudges my kayak in 2006, photo by Mike Parfit